Vision of the Journal  

EJENTAS aspires to play a national, regional and international role in the promotion of responsible

and effective research in the field of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery in Egypt , Middle East and Africa .

Mission of the Journal  

To encourage and support research in ENT field and interdisciplinary topics

To implement high-quality editorial practices among Otolaryngologists

To upgrade the ability and experience of local doctors in international publishing

To offer professional publishing support to local researchers, creating a supportive network for career development

 To highlight ENT diseases and problems peculiar to our region

To promote research in endemic, hereditary and infectious ENT problems related to our region

To expose and study impact of ethnic, social, environmental and cultural issues on expression of different ENT diseases

To organize common epidemiologic research of value to the region

To provide resource to national and regional authorities about problems in the field of ENT and their implication on public health and resources.

To facilitate exchange of knowledge in our part of the world  

To expand activities with regional and international scientific societies